"Premier Graphics has been extremely lucky to have a contractor as reliable & accurate in production as Total Engraving (Industrial Engravers).

We tested them on the first project, with 759 off engraved stainless steel plates for a Prison project.

Prototypes produced and delivered within 7 days, 50 plates supplied within 2 weeks of approved prototypes, and then the remaining 700+ signs delivered within 7 weeks.

In all of the production run we did not have a single spelling error, and only 1 or 2 plates rejected due to defects in plates.

They have met extremely tight timelines for a school, engraving 355 signs in Aluminium & gravoply within 2 weeks of order. Again with no errors or defects.

We have used them for several other minor projects where they supplied 100% accurate production, high quality finishes in reliable production time frames.

Total Engraving have been more than competitive in their pricing of projects, and the reliability and quick supply makes them a contractor that can be relied upon to meet production timetables, even when they appear unreasonable.

I would recommend them to anybody in the sign industry."

Keith Edwards | Purchaser | Premier Graphics, Purchaser | Premier Graphics